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Saturday, February 13, 2010

ufc 109 recap

Ever since UFC 109 was introduced, the MMA community instantly overlooked the recent card and opted to start discussing what many believe to be more exciting events to come. Despite how we may feel, every event is crucial in the ever-changing world of Mixed Martial Arts and 109 is no exception. Today, I decided to start something I promise to do after every card. People, I give you “5 things we learned”, UFC 109.

Number One – Paulo Thiago is no joke. I have been behind this man ever since he was introduced to the MMA game and, with the exception of Jon Fitch (who is absolutely amazing); Thiago hasn’t had a single blemish on his record. Paulo’s bout with Swick is just more evidence that the BOPE special forces-turned MMA contender is going nowhere but forward. Possible future opponents? Let’s get Kos vs. Paulo II. I predict Thiago takes that one, too.

Number Two – Styles make fights. Most people know this, of course, but I believe that Sonnen’s victory is a perfect example of the old adage. I am not saying that Sonnen is better than Marquart and I am not saying that wrestling is the be all end all game, but this is why GSP, Jon Fitch, Brock Lesnar and every other wrestling phenom win against good strikers. Lay, pray, get them tired and finish it out. Also, we saw just how much heart Sonnen had in this fight. Good luck in that title shot, Chael. =S

Number Three – Matt Serra is better than people give credit. I was so tired of hearing how Serra should hang upMatt Serra the gloves after his losses to GSP and Hughes. Serra will always show up to fight and this was the perfect fight to place “The Terror” back into the fans radar. Granted, Trigg has never lost by decision, so those heavy hands and BJJ black belt were primed for a finish, but the experience can’t be denied. If Serra is fighting, I’m watching.

Number Four – It’s scary how good Demian Maia looked. Here we have, arguably, the best BJJ artist in the octagon moving, countering and kicking like someone who was born to strike. Watch his fights prior to this one, and it’s crystal clear how much he has improved! I am keeping this one short; Maia is absolutely amazing. Maia will OWN the octagon in years to come. Maia is elite, and he’s only getting better.

Number Five – Randy is crisp at 205. With this recent victory, we saw Couture use every aspect of striking, clinching and groundwork he needed to. With 3 fights in the past 7 months, Couture just will not go away, and this fight padded the fact that Randy still has fight in him; not that we didn’t already know that.


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