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Thursday, December 9, 2010

UFC Betting 124 Picks

The UFC Betting matchup looks awfully juicy. Call Coopers Pick now for the Fight Night picks at 1-888-730-COOP.

Come Saturday evening will be an extremely entertaining Welter weight show down between 2 powerful strikers.

Thiago Alves is looking to climb the Ultimate Fighting Championship ladder once more as he faces off against John Howard who will be there to avenge his 1st loss as a pro fighter.

UFC betting Picks for UFC 124: GSP vs. Koscheck Round Deuce

Bell Centre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada (GSP's Home ground)

You can watch this fight live on Pay-per-view

Thiago Alves (17-7): -300

John Howard (14-4): +220

Thiago Alves used to be the UFC Bettors favorite before a rough patch derailed his Title aspirations and cost those wagering a lot of money. He lost 2 fights back to back versus top Tier opponent Georges St. Pierre as well as Jon Fitch. However, he is still considered one of the most dangerous strikers at 170 pounds.

Alves is a well rounded fighter but you would never know it. He loves to keep the fight standing and rain down punches, kicks and knees on his opponents. His Muay Thai may be the best in the entire division if not the whole UFC.

Alves is tenacious and daring on his feet but is surprisingly adept on the ground. He shouldn’t have to worry about hitting the mat in this fight though, his opponent loves to strike and Alves has some of the best take down defense on the planet (except against GSP of course).

Alves will look to use his diverse arsenal, keep his distance for a while where he can soften his opponent up with kicks and jabs and eventually move into the clinch where he can inflict damage with his vicious knees. Alves will hit Howard hard, from all different angles with a variety of body parts.

John Howard was on a UFC Betting skyrocket ride before he ran into an uber-tough Jake Ellenberger in his last fight. Howard was considered a Title Contender but now has a lot of work to do in order to once again ascend to Contender status.

Howard is a wrestler whose game has evolved since his MMA debut. He now has a very good stand up game – aggressive and powerful. Howard is able to put good combinations together with punches and head kicks and he is also very adept at take downs and ground and pound. Howard is a tough dude – he is a game competitor that requires being hit by a truck in order to stop him. He will need to be aggressive in this fight or Alves will simply pick him apart from the outside.

UFC Betting Outlook:

Thiago Alves is a huge step up in competition for John Howard – it is time to see what Howard is made of! I think that coming into this battle, Alves is the more motivated fighter. He prides himself on being a top flight athlete and right now, he is widely considered to be in the second tier. Alves is the better, more technical, more diverse striker and in a striking contest, he has to be heavily favored. Also, Howard won’t be able to escape danger by taking Alves to the mat – Alves has too good a takedown defense. Thiago Alves should be able to draw on the experience of fighting the best that the UFC has to offer and he should be able to hand Howard his second consecutive loss.

UFC 124 Betting Pick: Thiago Alves -300 will surely come back strong since he hits with heavy hands look for a tko in round 2. Call Coopers Pick now 1-888-730-2667 for all your MMA betting Pick needs.


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