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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Ultimate Fighter 10 Finale Predictions

The Ultimate Fighter Finale Predictions

Roy Nelson vs Brendan Schaub

Roy Nelson has all the experience to take this fight. The problem is his attitude, which is where Brendan Schaub will have the advantage. Beating Roy Nelson would not only give Brendan Schaub a name but make him a fresh face in the growing but still green heavyweight division. Roy Nelson, as per his shape, is prone to gassing. Look for Brendan Schaub to make the most of his opportunity, but end up falling short to Nelson as he will score either a third round tko or decision.

Matt Hamill vs Jon Jones

This is a huge fight, not only for the fighters, but for the fans. Two well known competitors will put on a show for us to determine possible contendership status in the vicious light heavyweight division. Both fighters have had cardio problems in the past, and both are well accomplished NCAA wrestling champions. The main difference in this fight will be the striking. Although his striking has improved, Matt Hamill is simply not on the same level as Jon Jones. Jones should make another razzle dazzle display for us, catching Matt late in the first or second round for a tko.

Kimbo Slice vs Houston Alexander

Any true fight fan knows how exciting this fight will be. It will certainly be better than Kimbo's 10 seconds of fame in the past. Houston and Kimbo will simply throw bombs until one of them drops. This fight really could be a coin toss, as neither men have a great chin, yet each displays brutal punching power. In my opinion, Houston has more experience, more power, and most importantly, more to lose in this fight and thus he will. Houston, therefore, will be crowned a shame as Kimbo tags him for the win.

Below are how are predicitons played out for the most recent Ultimate Fighter Finale:

Frank Edgar vs Matt Veach

I have absolutely no idea why the well known and possible competitor Frankie Edgar is fighting a virtual nobody in Matt Veach. I mean no disrespect to Veach, but Edgar has nothing to gain by fighting the little known Veach. Frankie Edgar should be fighting higher end competition, and he will prove why after this bout. Frankie Edgar will simply outwork Veach en route to a lopsided decision.

Marcus Jones vs Matt Mitrione

Marcus Jones and Matt Mitrione have personally garnered no interest for me, however, as we all know, the lesser known fighters many times put on the more exciting fights. This fight is no exception. The only difference here is experience, which Jones favors. Mitrione will use his reach to pressure Jones and put him away via ko in the first or second round.


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